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Dr.Stand is the solution to all my laptop related stress problems.

Jugnu Furnishing Pvt. Ltd. has two brands - eStand & Dr. Stand

Jugnu Furnishing Pvt. Ltd. is company supported by a group of high end professionals. In the team there are professors from IIT Delhi, Engineers, Doctors, Students and last but the most important, a group of users.

User is the most important member who help to customize product as per their actual need. It is this combination of people which gives this group a unique identity.

Objective of this group is to generate more and more ideas, implement, test and bring it to market for customer welfare. There are very few companies in India which fully run on indigenous technology.

Here from ideation to market everything happen in India. That’s why we understand the need of Indian market better than any other company. It is the quality of company that it’s A to z activities are only in India but it is of the international level.

About Us

eStand® is an internationally acclaimed furniture, home & decoration brand based in india. eStand® is driven by creativity & innovation. We design and manufacture best in  class ergonomic products for complimenting existing furniture in office and home to minimize stress on body while long study or work hours. At Jugnu Furnishing we have  a culture of elegance and style along with ergonomic design. Senior professors from top engineering institutes, physiotherapists and doctors back the designing and development of each item. We keep on generating creative and innovative products. Last but not least incorporation of user feedback is a continuous process of our system. Use of high quality material and power coating gives all the products long life. Knock down features in most of the products make them easy and quick to assemble.

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